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Flag Football Testimonials

Coach D's plays work! Since implementing his playbook our team won 2 Superbowls! Thanks for all your amazing content Coach D!

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Thanks so much for sharing your playbook and videos online! This was my first season coaching flag football, and you have been SUPER helpful. I'll sum it up like this: in our first three games, we were outscored 26-62. Then, we got your playbook and went to work! In our last three games, we outscored opponents 84-38. We worked hard, and we had fun!

Coach Jake Roth

Coach D helped us win our 3rd straight Winter Bowl! Undefeated season! Thanks for all the help and guidance. Great drills and playbook.

Coach Bradley Ernst

I've been coaching for six years in South Florida.  This [Full Playbook] is by far the most helpful tool in the box.

Coach Eric Lubitz

The playbook is awesome! I liked the variety of plays, especially for exploring playactions. Coach D is the Shanahan of Flag Football 😆

Coach Paulo Oliveira

Ordered and downloaded the playbooks and practice schedules. The practice schedules and drill variety are awesome. Just customize to what your team needs. Some really great and creative plays, but simple enough for kids to understand. Coupling this with playmaker X you can really customize your plays each week. keep the ones you like, move on if you don't and add new ones as the kids progress. As a side note I got a code to import to playmakerX and initially it didn't work. Sent an email in the AM and had a response and fixed the initial issue right away. So great football content and great service!

Coach Ryan Tickner

As I looked through the content on the internet to find some help coaching my sons flag football team, Coach D's content stood out as by far the best product available. He provides so much free content and videos you can tell he is doing this for the good of the game and the kids. The material came promptly and when there was a small issue with the codes I received, he corrected it immediately and even on a Sunday. I couldn't be more pleased and I am sure anyone who needs help will be too. Thanks again Coach D.

Coach Todd Q

Coach D was very helpful and informative when order the plays. They came over just as described and the app tutorial was beneficial too. I was able to also incorporate my existing plays in to the app so I merged some of his and mine in to one playbook.

Coach Jon Eric Garcia

Coach D has been a inspiration to all of the beginning and experienced coaches all over the world! His enthusiasm first caught my attention... his hard work and easy to listen to approach makes it easier for elementary students to follow and focus. I've watched him grow and mature with every single video! Living in Colorado and being a Bronco fan, I won't hold that against him... 😆 We all have to support someone... Thank you for coming along and listening to your inner voice! Coach V

Coach V (Victor Archer)

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