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*NEW* Coach D's Offense Drill Pack (20 PROVEN Offense Drills)
*NEW* Coach D's Offense Drill Pack (20 PROVEN Offense Drills)
*NEW* Coach D's Offense Drill Pack (20 PROVEN Offense Drills)
*NEW* Coach D's Offense Drill Pack (20 PROVEN Offense Drills)
*NEW* Coach D's Offense Drill Pack (20 PROVEN Offense Drills)
*NEW* Coach D's Offense Drill Pack (20 PROVEN Offense Drills)

*NEW* Coach D's Offense Drill Pack (20 PROVEN Offense Drills)

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Need Proven Offense Drills?

As the #1 Youth Flag Football Coach, I'll give you my top flag football offensive plays and teach you EXACTLY how to use them!

See a Sample Drill Below



Used by hundreds of coaches


👉🏻 Are you a new flag football coach looking for flag football offense strategy to help you figure out how to coach your son or daughter's flag football team in little to now time?

👉🏻 Were you thrown into coaching and are now stressed on where to start?

 Do you NOT want to let your kid(s) and other players and parents down?

👉🏻 Are you a 2nd or 3rd year coach looking for a way to compete with the elite teams or at least win a few games?


🔥 Perfect!!  That's why I created this Offense Drill Pack for you.  I was right where you are and it took me hours and years to get there and compile all these resources.

This Drill Pack will give you the drills you need to build up a strong, confident offense and crush it as a flag football coach, so you can focus on making an incredible impact on those kids and your community as a whole.  


My Quick Story: My name is Coach D (Dwight) and 6 years ago my wife signed me up to coach my son and daughter's flag football team.  I had NO IDEA where to start as I had never coached before.  With little resources online, I just started compiling best practices, building plays, drills, and just tried to make it as fun as possible for the kids.  It worked!  Win or lose, every kid loved coming to that field and I got tons of messages of gratitude and appreciation.  From there I was hooked.  I started creating drills and videos for my players to practice throughout the week.  I sent videos to parents to get them involved.  That turned into the Youth Flag Football with Coach D YouTube Channel where I now offer free tutorials, drills, and best practices for coaches, parents, and even players all around the world!

One of the TOP REQUESTS I kept getting from coaches was Drills and how to build an effective offense!  Over the last 5+ years I was creating and tweaking drills for my teams, posting videos for my players to practice, and we kept improving as we improved our skills and became a stronger defensive unit.  I started to share these drills with other coaches and they experienced the same results!  I couldn't keep them to myself!  It is an honor to share these compiled proven defense drills with you to help you boost your confidence and be an even more effective coach.


Here's what you will find in Coach D's Offense Drill Pack:

Save time and energy finding the BEST Offense Drills!

    The Best 20 Offense Drills in flag football!  Don't spend time finding drills, I did it for you!!
    I personally created and tested drills using the COACH TACTIC BOARD app.  I watched hours of games live and on YouTube at all levels, looking for the best of the best defensive skills that needed to be developed.  I also watched college and the NFL to add key elements to each drill.  Then I tested them with my teams.  I cut out the ones that didn't work, and I selected ONLY THE BEST OFFENSE DRILLS!

    Learn HOW to use each DRILL!

    Drill breakdowns:  I share Drill Skill Level, Skills developed through the drill, along with Equipment Needed, Setup, Instructions, and Coaching Notes to make sure you know EXACTLY how to run each drill.

    Visual and Video Support!

    Drill diagram and video walk-through: I created a clear diagram/picture of each drill to avoid any confusion.  I also included a link to the video walk-through where I give you detailed instructions on how to run the drill, focusing on key coaching tips so you CANNOT FAIL!


      All of these resources will help you create an effective offense that works together and builds confidence across the entire team.  PLUS, they are a lot of fun!!  Whether you are a first time coach or you've been coaching for a while, these resources together will bring you tons of value.  

      30-Day 100% NO RISK GUARANTEE!




      Coaches like you are already talking about Coach D’s Offense Drill Pack: 

      "Coach D, loving the New drills. Taking it to a whole new level. Much appreciated" - Coach Jashua


      "Great drill. Angle of pursuit is a tough one to talk about, it needs to be demo'ed and practiced. Thanks Coach!  Your vids and drills have helped my new guys accelerate their play, my experienced kids advance, and made me look like a great coach instead of just a handsome one!" -Coach GB Lott


      "Great information and coaching techniques. I like the way you explain why and the purpose of a drill or play. Helps when trying to explain to the kids."  - Coach Mark


      "Thank you for all your help! I used this drill today for spring training and it worked well... Can't wait until next week!" - Coach V


      Thanks for all the awesome drillsOur team loves them" - Coach Dominguez


      Great drills Coach! Used it with my crew!! Very helpful.." -Davenport's Fitness Sports
      Coach you D-man! I'm implementing your drills and the kids love them, thanks. We gonna get sum this weekend. Keep up the great videos." - Coach Cesar

      Bottom line, just like the playbooks I've created for you, THIS STUFF WORKS!   Feel free to click on the TESTIMONIALS tab and scroll through the hundreds of comments from the YouTube Channel and read testimonial after testimonial of new and tenured coaches just like you and me who have experienced success through these resources.

      I have learned to love this game and the experience of coaching each season, so I look forward to working with you to help you become the best coach you can be. 

      -Coach D 


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      100% Money Back Guarantee.  I know these resources work, so I'm offering you a NO-RISK Guarantee!  If you don't LOVE my Coach D's Offense Drill Pack, please let me know and I will refund your money immediately!