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Practices & Plays: 6th-8th Grade
Practices & Plays: 6th-8th Grade
Practices & Plays: 6th-8th Grade
Practices & Plays: 6th-8th Grade
Practices & Plays: 6th-8th Grade
Practices & Plays: 6th-8th Grade
Practices & Plays: 6th-8th Grade

Practices & Plays: 6th-8th Grade

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Get ALL 4 Age-Based Play Packs for the price of 2 (each pack is $7, the bundle is only $17)!

Never buy another playbook!!  Pk-8th Grade

80+ Plays, 32 Practices, 8 Exclusive Videos

PDF & Digital versions included

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#1 Youth Flag Football Coach

#1 Youth Flag Football YouTube Channel

#1 Youth Flag Football Drill – “Shuffle Pull”

Included in each 24-Play Pack + 8-Week Practice Schedules: 

  • 24 Plays: Hand-picked and proven to work for 6th-8th graders.  Ideal for wristbands - but you can also get 1, 4, or 9 plays printed per page (free option after purchase).
  • Exclusive video:
    • Plays Walk-Through - I'll walk you through each play, sharing why it was selected and the secret to making it work.  Perfect to pass on to parents and players to help them learn the plays.
    • Practice Schedule Walk-Through - I'll review the Meet & Greet along with the other customized practice schedules so you and your other coaches know exactly what to do from day 1.

    FREE Bonuses

    • FREE Meet & Greet Schedule: Minute-by-minute Meet & Greet schedule I use every year, along with links to videos to give you specifics on each warmup, drill, etc.  (Customized to 6th-8th graders)
    • FREE 8-Week Practice Schedules: Each week mapped out for you and your other coaches.  Minute-by-minute weekly practice schedule I use for every practice.  I include links to specific warm-ups and drills, along with time for breaks, running plays, and more.  (Customized to 6th-8th graders)

      This will save you TIME & STRESS as it's all mapped out for you, your other coaches, parents, and players.  This is the ultimate season companion!

      Whether a first-time coach or veteran you will find TONS of value in all these resources.

      Want ALL the Flag Football Play Packs?  Grab the ALL-Ages Playbook Bundle (Pk-8th)

      Here is what coaches say about Coach D’s Playbook: 

      • "Working on importing [the playbook] in PLAYMAKER.  Lots of good stuff in here.  Thank you." - Coach Steve
      • "Plays look great...Coach D, I just wanted thank you again. I took your advice and went back to the basics this week. I simplified the offense and drilled hard on flag pulling and man to man coverage. Your advice and videos paid off big time! We tied the #1 ranked team out of 32 teams!!!" -Coach Oliver
      • "The playbook is awesome!  I liked the variety of plays, especially for exploring playactions. Coach D is the Shanahan of Flag Football 😆" - Coach Paulo
      • "Coach D took some of ur advice today and won both semi finals games off to the Superbowl tomorrow. I have to say it's my first time coaching and I studied all ur videos. If it wasn't for your training videos I don't think my team would have been as successful this year. Thanks!" - Coach Edward
      • "Coach D's playbook is awesome!  It's made a huge difference for our team. Since implementing these plays we've been winning! Thank you Coach D!" -Lifegate Acupuncture
      • "Thank you for the excellent playbook...I greatly appreciate your help.  Your playbook and YouTube videos are awesome!!!" - Coach Javier

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