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Flag Football Wristbands - Wrist Coach

These are the exact Wristbands I use for all my teams. They come in either Youth or Adult Size and all my playbooks come with Print-Ready plays that fit in these wristbands. I made the above wristbands for my most recent team, so I actually use these. 

  • Our football wristbands are durable for tough play.
  • Print-Ready inserts included with all my Playbooks
  • Quickly call plays from the sideline
  • Players learn plays MUCH FASTER
  • Each player on the team should wear the playbook wristband.
  • Call just one number and everyone quickly knows their assignment.
  • Run the hurry-up offense and catch the defense off guard.
  • Increase playing time and number of snaps in a game by reducing huddle time.
  • Wristbands allow players to have the playbook right on their wrist.

You see these being used in the NFL, college football, and now youth football including flag football. Although the wristbands are known for being used by quarterbacks, the wristband was designed for all players to use.

Playbooks come in 5v5, 6v6, and 7v7 and all are easy to use with these wristbands. 

I always select BLACK so players don't have to switch throughout the game. It makes it easier in my opinion, but there are multiple colors if you choose.

An organized team is a winning team! Order your football wristbands today and WIN the CHAMPIONSHIP!

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