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Collection: Training Tools

You are building your organization and looking to scale quickly.  Even through this global pandemic you are building the structures and programs to help you exceed these goals.

Now is the perfect time to work on your training playbooks and other materials so when you ramp back up, you are ready!

Here you'll find:

- Sales Training Playbook Template: build out your own new hire sales training playbook with 3 unique sections:

  1. Understanding the Big Picture
  2. Sales Process
  3. Workflow & Systems
This Playbook is guaranteed to give you the structure you need to ramp up new sales reps quickly and provide a level of consistency needed to build sustainable results!

- Onboarding Checklist & Agenda: build an engaging, interactive, and organized onboarding process for all your new hires across the organization with these critical tools.  After onboarding thousands of new employees, I've created easy, plug & play templates to help you quickly scale your onboarding program.

These Training Products are built to make your life easier as you build your business through Covid-19 and beyond.

-Coach D

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