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Flag Football Tutorial | Offense Plays That Work | Get My Playbook | Strategy | Run & Pass

Use this video as a guide on how to develop and run plays, use different formations, strategize progressions, develop rotations, select player positions, decide how many plays to use and so much more.

I walk you through how I develop plays and how to use the 100+ plays I have created to get your team up and running and scoring more touchdowns.


Youth (5-pack):

Youth (10-pack):

Adult: (6-pack)

QB tutorials:

H1: Want Fun and Creative 5v5 Flag Football Plays? 6v6 and 7v7 plays available - click Playbooks up top.

When coaching flag football, it is important to combine fun with beneficial practice. With our collection of unstoppable 5v5 flag football plays, you can become the best coach you can be and give your players a flying start to their career. As a coach, the experiences you deliver will have an impact on whether your players develop a deep love for the sport and continue playing beyond their younger years.


We understand the time, effort and creativity that is needed to consistently produce new and exciting sessions for your team so we have a selection of packages available. With a variety of options for all ages, you are sure to find flag football 5v5 plays, drills, templates and more for your team.


H2: Elevate Your Team to the Next Level with Coach D


Utilize the time that you spend training with your team wisely and then watch as those skills translate onto the field. Your practice sessions are so important to developing camaraderie between players, learning formations, 5v5 flag football trick plays and more so it is important to make them as beneficial as possible. With the help of our 5v5 flag football playbook, you will have all of the skills that you need to deliver quality sessions each and every time.


At the forefront of the industry, Coach D has the knowledge and experience required to take your team to the next level. If you have the drive and passion needed to coach 5v5 flag football, then you can benefit from purchasing one of our packages. Gone are the days of spending hours creating new flag football plays for 5v5. When you choose one of our packages, you are guaranteed quality training material that can be utilized time and time again to achieve results, no matter the age of your players. 


You not only get plays, but everything you need to crush it as a coach - practices, drills, templates, and other special features. That's one of our main differentiators, coaches can walk out on the field with 0 experience and crush it, not just with plays, but with everything.


H2: Comprehensive Packages that Guarantee Results


If you have the fundamental traits of a coach but are missing the material needed to deliver awesome practices and win some games, then you could benefit from our playbooks. Providing a range of flag football trick plays for 5v5, rest assured that you will find a package that suits your needs. Whether you are in need of extra material to add to your existing plans or full, comprehensive resources, we have you covered. In our range, you will find:


  • A minimum of 80 plays
  • Practice schedules
  • Exclusive videos
  • Drill packs
  • Templates
  • Wrist-band ready playsheets
  • Coach D’s meet and greet schedule


… and so much more. Whatever you need to become the ultimate coach, we can provide.


H2: Introduce New 5 on 5 Trick Plays in Flag Football Today

Change up your training sessions with our flag football trick plays for 5 on 5 today and take your team to the next level. Ensure your players reach their fullest potential with the help of Coach D. Give them the best start to their career with our materials. Browse our collections today or get in touch for personal tips and advice.


  • Hey coach! I was a first time coach last year. Your drills and plays helped so much. Keep doin what you’re doin!

    Kevin Borman
  • Coach D- I used your 5v5 plays and just completed an undefeated season. We are moving to 7v7 now so I ordered your 7v7 plays. They were supposed to come with a code to access your plays on playmaker but I never received it. Could I please receive that code and if possible also receive access to your top 16 5v5 plays because I really like those plays and would like to simply add two additional routes to our best plays from last season. Also wondering if you have any recommendations/best practices for 7v7 defensive formations. Thanks!

    Allen Hermeling
  • Please let me know how to get a copy of the playbook.

    Tully McCoy

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